Why Us?

Good strategic planning is focused on strategy, vision, and priorities for the future.  A key element of strategic planning is the identification and framing of critical issues. We help environmental organizations examine where they are currently strategically positioned, how they compare to others in their sphere, and what is on the horizon. Then, we work with the organization to frame the questions and determine what needs to be answered in order to establish strategic direction.

Finally, we design and facilitate a way forward wherein the organization can address the critical issues and ensure alignment among key partners. Our strategic planning approach includes the participation of all people involved: Board members, staff at various levels, and key external partners. Our approach supports an organization’s conducting an ongoing planning approach, rather than planning that is episodic every several years.

Fundraising is always challenging, and it can be even more satisfying. Certainly, development is about raising money, but it’s also about making friends and fans. DTC  has helped clients conduct fundraising assessments, feasibility studies, capital campaigns, and membership campaigns; helped them re-tool their marketing materials; and successfully apply for capacity-building grants.